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V2 cloud

Virtual Vision (V2) brings a deep understanding of navigating the challenges of launching a public Saudi Cloud. As a result, V2 Cloud stands as one of the first-ever public local Cloud offerings based entirely as a Local Cloud Service Provider in Saudi Arabia.

V2, as an authorized Saudi Cloud Service Provider, offers invaluable services in supporting local corporate and government clients, offering the highest levels of security in safeguarding data assets in a Saudi hosting Data Center.



Compute provides server virtualization for a wide range of Windows and Linux-based computing solutions. The VMs are one of several types of on-demand scalable computing resources within the Saudi Cloud and is typically used when the application or service requires a higher degree of control, such as:

Control over operating system selection

Increased configuration control

Ownership of patching and software updates

Specifying and installing the software that runs on the VM

Virtual machines can support scenarios including development and testing, running applications, and extending data center services.


No Restrictions on OS with Full Control APIs

 No restriction on the type of OS or workloads, plus we provide modern Restful APIs to provision and configure compute resources.

Unbundled Resources

Unbundled Resources

Resources are not bundled together and there is no ‘standard size’ server. Pay only for what you require and use.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Combined features of public and private Clouds allow users to connect their private infrastructure directly to our V2 Cloud.

Simple Server/VM Creation Process – Use a wizard to create a VM that is optimized automatically by the local hosting Cloud based on your choice of operating system.

Custom Server/VM Creation – Build a VM exactly how you like it and customize it to the smallest detail.



The local Cloud platform solution allows users to create and (re)size multiple persistent virtual drives. It is an SSD-based and HHD storage system ideally suited to the high-performance requirements associated with big data mining and scientific computing requiring high-performance storage.

SSD & Scale-out Magnetic Storage

SSD & Scale-out Magnetic Storage

Mix and match all SSD and magnetic storage with our Virtual Vision local Cloud servers. Want an SSD drive for the OS & magnetic for the data? No problem.

Integrated Backup & Recovery

Integrated Backup & Recovery

Enable users to create point-in-time snapshots of their drives which later can be cloned and upgraded to create stand-alone drives.

Drives can be mounted or unmounted.

Supports the creation of regular drives as well as CDs / DVDs

Directly upload RAW images of CDs and hard drives

Extensive selection of install CDs and pre-installed systems available from the marketplace

Creating a new drive takes 10-20 seconds with an average of 15 seconds

Resize drive size after creation



Dedicated International Internet form Orange and TATA

Backhaul links with STC, Mobily, and ITC

Access V2 Cloud using SSH, RDP (for Windows), FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, VPN, etc.

Public networking interface can be assigned a dynamic IP or a static IP


Private Networking Interfaces

Tier III datacenter in Riyadh

DDoS Protection Measures

All 10GbE Networking

All 10GbE Networking

Easily stream at multiple gigabit speeds from V2 Cloud servers. Avoid network bottlenecks on big data runs, video streams.

Instant Provisioning

Instant Provisioning

Provision servers, drives, IPs, private networks, and pretty much any other resource Virtual Vision offer on the fly without delays.

Locally Hosted

Locally Hosted

Our V2 Local Cloud infrastructure is hosted in a world-class, purpose-built, Tier-III design Data Center which ensures high resiliency.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

With a fast-changing business environment and greater IT complexity, keeping your DR setup in optimal shape has become a complex exercise. Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RTOs and RPOs) need to be monitored continuously, not just weekly or monthly. You need to have a proactive Disaster Recovery (DR) Management system that enables workflow automation and simplifies recovery in case of a disaster. However, implementing such a proactive and responsive application requires considerable time and resources, taking the focus away from your core business objectives. This is where V2 DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and our V2 comprehensive managed services model make a difference.

Mirror virtual or physical in-house infrastructure to the Saudi Cloud

Create an entire shadow DR environment with a complete automatic recovery workflow

An application independent solution that works with all Windows & Linux environments

End-to-end local DRaaS solution

Simple, transparent and predictable all-in-one utility billing based on compute/storage resources under DRaaS

Application independent solution which is highly extensible


Key Benefits

Enterprise Technology

True Enterprise Technology from the world’s leading DRaaS providers delivering availability and performance within agreed Service Levels.

Service Assurance

Service Assurance

We schedule two or more DR tests per year to comply with regulatory requirements and ensures your IT services remain ready.

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Avoid investing in dedicated infrastructure; V2’s DRaaS is available on a flexible monthly cost model on a pay-as-you-go basis that saves 60% of your IT costs.

End-to-End Service Levels

End-to-End Service Levels

Virtual Vision strict SLAs ensure your critical data and IT services are restored in a matter of minutes.

Quarterly Service

Quarterly Service Reviews

Regular DR drills testing, ensuring the DR readiness is always on top form.



GDPR compliance and ISO 27001 Certified – Certified for privacy and security ensures your information is in safe hands.


Khobar office (Headquarters)

Khobar Mall Office 318 Khobar, Eastern Province 31952, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 920008514

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

Riyadh Office

King Abdul Aziz Road, Spring District, opposite Kingdom Schools, next to Riyadh Bank, 2nd floor, Office 16, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 112251651

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

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