Elevate your cloud experience with our user defined turnkey PaaS microservice environment.
Next-generation container-based cloud platform with certified runtimes for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Node.js, and Go. Reduce your IT infrastructure management costs & efforts and focus on your business growth.

A PaaS Solution that Saves You Time

Language agnostic

Provision out-of-the-box Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET or Go production or dev environments as well as Docker and Kubernetes clusters.
Choose between user-friendly GUI, SSH access, CLI and API.

Zero code change

Deploy and run traditional monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices with no code changes and zero application redesign. Deploy via archives, FTPS/SFTP, GIT/SVN or via integrated plugins.

Application neutral

Run both cloud-native microservices and legacy applications. Run both application and system containers. Enjoy easy entry point to the cloud, reduce your go-to-market time and secure no vendor lock-in.


Full marketplace with a rich set of preconfigured applications and one-click installs for common clustered environments. All available as performance-optimized and highly available prepackaged templates.

One-Click Clustered Solutions


High performance WordPress cluster, pre-configured for automatic scaling, optimized for high availability, uptime and performance.


Scalable Kubernetes clusters for cloud- native applications. Automatic installation and scaling with pay-per-use pricing model.


Automated SQL and NoSQL database clustering with pre-configured scaling and replication.


Pre-packaged clustering and load balancing for wide choice of custom applications.

A PaaS Solution that Saves You Money

Elastic auto-scaling

Automatic vertical & horizontal scaling for granular load-based resource allocation without container restart. Guaranteed high performance, application availability and uptime.



New generation pay-per-use pricing based on real usage instead of server size. Eliminated right-sizing problem and guaranteed cost efficiency by paying only for actual consumption.


Monitor your application performance and get real-time reports on resources consumption and application load. Set up custom alert notifications and get notified about traffic spikes.


Load Balancing

Increase application performance and capacity with out-of-the-box load balancers based on NGINX, HAProxy and more. Available for all environments on both infrastructure and application level.

Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Pay based on resource consumption, not on server size. 
Save up to 80% of your infrastructure costs with our hourly billing and auto-scaling

Scalable Pricing Without Fixed Plans

 Every PaaS container is divided into granular units called cloudlets.
 1 cloudlet = 128MB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU.
 The system makes hourly measures how many cloudlets inside each container are consumed and requests the payment only for these used resources.
 You can set up a maximum scaling limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes.


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