Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for cloud servers?

Our billing system checks your usage (CPU, RAM etc.) every five minutes. It compares the amount you have subscribed for each resource to your current usage level. Any usage above your subscription level is charged automatically on burst on a five-minute rolling basis.

What are billing cycles?

These are the processes that check what capacity a customer is using in our cloud and bills them for the appropriate amount. CloudSigma works on short 5-minute billing cycles. If you are using any burst capacity you will see deductions for the capacity you are using every five minutes from your account balance.

What purchasing periods are available?

You needn’t purchase any capacity in advance and run on burst. We’ll bill you out of your account balance as you go in short five minute cycles. Alternatively, you can subscribe for resources for one month, one year (10% discount) or three years (25% discount).

What happens if I use more resources than I subscribed for?

Nothing dramatic! We simply charge the additional usage in short five minute cycles against your account balance. It’s automatic and you don’t need to do anything explicit.

What is a saved payment method?

Many customers want to ensure their account is always funded correctly. Adding a saved payment method allows you to have your account auto topped-up when funds run low or to auto-renew subscriptions when they are due to expire. CloudSigma does not hold any credit card information, it is held at the payment processor only.

Why do you price in GHz not per CPU core?

That’s because we let customers customise the virtual CPU core to optimise performance for different applications. For example, if you have a server of size 10GHz, you can set that to have 10 virtual cores of 1GHz each or 4 virtual cores of 2.5GHz or anything in between. So if you have an application that needs more CPU threads but less performance per core, you’d set it to have ten cores. In this way, you can boost performance without incurring additional resource costs. Don’t worry, the default is set to auto so it’s not a feature you need to deal with unless you want to.

What purchasing models do you support?

There are two billing models – subscription and burst. Subscriptions are purchased upfront, burst is charged as you go. Subscriptions are suitable for stable requirements. You can use burst purchasing for temporary requirements. Best of all, we’ll automatically charge on you burst for anything you use above your subscribed levels so you can easily combine the two.

Am I charged for servers when they are powered down?

No, we only count running resources against your resource subscription level. After shutting down we don’t count the CPU and RAM but resources that persist like storage will continue to be charged for.

Can I buy more than one subscription for a resource?

Yes you can layer up subscriptions, so if your needs grow over time you can simply buy a subscription on top of ones you may already have.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. Account balances generally update in real-time (for bank transfers when funds clear). First payments on new accounts can take up to a couple of hours to upgrade.

Can I auto-renew my subscriptions?

By default we don’t set subscriptions to auto-renew however for convenience you can easily turn this on to avoid needing to re-purchase manually.

Do you support billing in different currencies?

Yes you can choose between Swiss Francs (CHF), United States Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or British Pounds (GBP) in any of our cloud locations when you open your account.

How do I transition from a trial to full account without service interruption?

The transition is seamless; you simply need to add funds before the trial period expires. You simply need to add funds from the web console to upgrade your account to a full paying one. We do recommend cloning your drives and restarting your cloud servers at some point after the upgrade as we separate production customers from trial users for security and taking these actions will ensure you are separated from new trial users.


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